D3-Brane Quantization, NS5 Brane Background Geometry And RR-Supercharge Actions [This Post Under Correction]

Science, like art, is not a copy of nature but a re-creation of her. ~ Jacob Bronowski!

Where there is life there is a pattern, and where there is a pattern there is mathematics. Once that germ of rationality and order exists to turn a chaos into a cosmos, then so does mathematics. There could not be a non-mathematical Universe containing living observers.
John D. Barrow, The Artful Universe (1995)

As I explained in my last post, one can and must derive, by D3-brane self-duality, the follow identity:

D3-Branes, Second Quantization, Sasaki–Einstein Manifolds And Calabi–Yau ‘Tips’

Where is the real? All appearance are deceitful, the visible surface is deceptive. I look at my hand.. ..It is nerves, muscles, bones. Let us go deeper: it is molecules and acids. Further still: it is an impalpable waltz of electrons and neutrons. Further still: an immaterial nebula. Who can prove that my hand exists? ~ Salvador Dalí!

In my last post, I introduced the notions of a p-brane and D-brane (D for Dirichlet) and provided some of the most essential facts about them, and went on to show that the ONLY solutions